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Hi, Holder! Thanks for Your help and deleting unnecessary items in the past. There is a big problem, especiall~y with this user, because he massively (or machine-made?) produces articles completely meaningless and unnecessary in Lower Sorbian wikipedia. Could You take a look here again and delete such articles as Don Stark, Orlando Jones, Martin Short, Tom Wopat and so on?

And the second request: I'm trying to sort things in Lower Sorbian wikipedia out a bit, but I need someone's help. So, could You delete also the articles Praga, januar, februar, měrc, apryl, maj, junij, julij, awgust, september, oktober, nowember, december. These are so far only redirects, and are not especially correct. For exemple: right name for capital of Czech Republic in Lower Sorbian is Praga, not Praha, but now I can't move it to right place, because it is now occupied by redirect and wrong name. You can check: see for exemple here. A similar situation is with the names of months: there is a word wezymski in Lowe Sorbian indeed, but now it is outdated see here (alt = veraltet) and here. After deleting these redirects, I will be able to move these articles to the right name without losing its revision history. Greetings! Wielemir (diskusija) 31. januara 2018, 09:25 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Hi Wielemir. I've deleted all these pages and also moved the article Praha to Praga. Best regards. --Holder (diskusija) 31. januara 2018, 20:26 (CET)[wótegroniś]
Źěkuju se! Thanks! Danke! Dziękuję! Wielemir (diskusija) 31. januara 2018, 21:03 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Hi, Holder, I would ask You again to delete articles created by user: 2600:8800:3981:7A80:194E:E87A:2510:F53C: Kaitlyn Maher, Gailard Sartain, Bill Byrge and 2 more as machine translations and cross-wiki abuse. Regards, Wielemir (diskusija) 21. februara 2018, 11:11 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Done. --Holder (diskusija) 21. februara 2018, 11:16 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Thanks! :) Wielemir (diskusija) 21. februara 2018, 11:17 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Hi, Holder. Could You delete some things here? I mean Imperialismus, Batman, Kategorija:Uniwersita w Azerbajdžan‎, Kategorija:Praha, Kategorija:Grafikar, Kategorija:Sedlišćo w serbskem sedleńskem teritoriju, Diskusija wó kategoriji:Wum. 1865. These are empty articles or they are written with errors. Wielemir (diskusija) 4. maja 2018, 09:16 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Done. --Holder (diskusija) 4. maja 2018, 09:25 (CEST)[wótegroniś]
Super! Thanks, Holder! Wielemir (diskusija) 4. maja 2018, 09:38 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi, Holder! Thanks for deleting articles! Could You delete also articles (and one category) within category Kategorija:Boki k malsnemu lašowanju? Wielemir (diskusija) 19. maja 2018, 09:31 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Done. --Holder (diskusija) 20. maja 2018, 06:28 (CEST)[wótegroniś]
Thanks! :) Wielemir (diskusija) 20. maja 2018, 09:46 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi, Holder! Could You please take a look in Lower Sorbian wikipedia and delete some articles? There is a lot (about 35) of old and weak articles (and some categories) written probably by a big Beyonce Knowles fan. In my opinion, these articles are completely useless and unnecessary here, because they'are written entirely in English, without a single word in Lower Sorbian langugae. In the last 9 years (since they were created) nobody wanted to improve them, translate or add some new info, so I think nobody will make it in the future. Besides, the right place for these articles is en:wiki, not dsb:wiki. Could You delete it? Thanks in advance! Wielemir (diskusija) 4. junija 2018, 19:28 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Done. Best regards. --Holder (diskusija) 4. junija 2018, 20:16 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi, Holder, please help: could You delete articles Magnús Scheving, Stefán Karl Stefánsson and Jack LaLanne, they're cross-wiki spam. Thanks in advance! Wielemir (diskusija) 20. oktobra 2018, 10:24 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Done. Best regards. --Holder (diskusija) 21. oktobra 2018, 19:33 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi! As You can see, the article Stephen Hillenburg‎ that You have deleted today early morning, is on dsb wikipedia again... So, please, delete it once more... Best regards, Wielemir (diskusija) 30. nowembra 2018, 10:11 (CET)[wótegroniś]

Thank You, Holder! It's very nice to get such a distinction! :) I will put this award on my user page Wielemir (diskusija) 1. julija 2019, 10:19 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi! I need Your help, Holder. What's the problem: a new user 1pśe160 has created two articles Wiknica and Njeźichow. He was right, these are right names in Lower Sorbian, but he has made it in wrong way: these articles aren't completely new, the content has been pasted from articles Njedźichow and Wětnica but without its revision history. So, please, delete these new articles Wiknica and Njeźichow and I will move Njedźichow and Wětnica to the right names. Now it's impossible. Thanks in advance! Redards, Wielemir (diskusija) 6. julija 2019, 11:53 (CEST)[wótegroniś]

Hi Wielemir. I've moved both articles to the new names. Best regards. --Holder (diskusija) 6. julija 2019, 12:58 (CEST)[wótegroniś]